Safety Mission

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Safety is the greatest responsibility of our company, with our employees being our most valuable resource. We strive to provide a safe working environment for our employees, and those of our client, to ensure that each worker returns home safely every day. Safety is a condition of employment at Solid Platforms, Inc.Each employee is held responsible to perform all work activities in compliance with governmental standards, established company procedures and accepted construction safe work practices.

Our goal is Target Zero. To achieve this goal, we have implemented a nationally recognized safety program. Keys to the success of our program include the following criteria:

  • Full time corporate safety team
  • Safety certified field supervision
  • Compliance with local, state and federal safety regulations that are in force at each jobsite
  • Work within the safety guidelines of the jobsite and our client
  • Develop site-specific safety policies
  • Act to eliminate any unsafe condition or activity, rather than react to an accident
  • Establish and maintain a safe working environment
  • Hold employees accountable for safety
  • Participate in state and national programs to produce “Best Of Class” initiatives
  • Coordinate and implement safety initiatives in partnership with other craft organizations
  • Perform specialized safety audits
  • Daily and weekly safety meetings to produce ideas and uniform safety standards

Our award winning Safety Program typically exceeds the expectations of our customers by providing our employees education, support and job specific training to ensure safety on the work site. Solid Platforms, Inc. enforces a policy of proactive risk management under the direction of our fulltime Safety Director.

Our safety program has been audited and accepted by the following organizations: Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS)ISNetworld (ISN)Avetta (formerly PICS)ConstructSecure, Inc. (CS) and BROWZ.