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“Certified Partner” Status – Indiana Department of Labor (IDOL) and Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA)

Based on our total commitment and excellent safety record, Solid Platforms, Inc. has attained “Certified Partner” status with the Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS), the Indiana Department of Labor (IDOL)and the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA).

To obtain Certified Partner status, each company must be CCS Safety Certified, successfully completed a Home Office Audit, and maintain below industry averages for OSHA recordable statistics as well as Experience Modification Ratings (EMR). Solid Platforms, Inc. has achieved this status through extreme efforts concerning individual jobsite safety and recordkeeping.

Benefits of this program include the following:

  • IDOL will exempt all “Certified Partner” Contractors from scheduled general inspections and will not issue citations to companies for non-serious violations that are fixed immediately and in the presence of the compliance officer.
  • Participants will receive un-programmed inspections only in response to reports of imminent danger, fatalities/catastrophes, “in plain view” violations or conditions or in the case of a signed, formal complaint.
  • Non-formal Complaints will be handled through the phone/fax process, if the complainant agrees.
  • During IDOL inspections of non-participating employers, contractors/subcontractors who are participating in this partnership will not be included in the inspection unless the inspector observes that, as a result of the partnership contractor’s actions, any employees are exposed to hazards such as, but not limited to falls, electrical hazards, caught in/between hazards or struck-by hazards.
  • For inspections resulting from formal complaints, the inspection will be limited to the complaint item(s) and “in plain view” items.
  • During inspections, if potential violations are found, i.e., where employees are not exposed to the hazard, IDOL may review the employer’s records and provide limited on-site training as needed.